• Light weight with ceramic fibre wool insulation (instead of Brick insulation).

  • Outer casing is made of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, duly painted.

  • Heating elements are made of KANTHAL A-1 wire.

  • Backed by high temperature cerwool insulation, which avoids loss of energy.

  • Temperature is controlled through Microprocessor Based PID Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller

  • Maximum Temp. is 1000 C and working temp 900 C.

  • For models of higher temperature the maximum temp. is 1200 C and working temp. 1150C.

  • Units with maximum working range upto 900C are fitted with wound muffle.

  • Units with maximum working range upto 1150C are fitted with coil type heaters embedded in grooved refractory for supporting the heating elements on four sides.

  • To work on 220/230 volts or 400/440 volts A.C.

Model -AGMF-251
Working Sizes (Width X Height X Dia.)

100 x 100 x 225 m

125 x 125 x250 mm

150 x 150 x 300 mm

200 x 200 x 300 mm

175 x 175 x 475 mm

   300 x 300 x 300 mm  

Working Temp.

9000C & 11500C




AUTO TIME CONTROL UNIT: Specially designed MICROPROCESSOR BASED PID DIGITIAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-cum-controller with an in-built DIGITAL TIMER to control the temperature from 50C to 900C(1C) or 1000C(1C) or 1150C (1C) (as ordered). Once the unit is switched ON heating starts automatically and once the set/desired value is achieved the in-built AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER starts automatically. Once this set time period is over the heaters are switched OFF automatically and the unit sounds a BUZZER, thus alerting the user that process is complete. To cost extra, in lieu of MICROPROCESSOR based PID Digital Temperature Controller.  


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